About the Journal

CONTEXT: Journal of Social & Cultural Studies (ISSN 1119 – 9229) is published twice a year (March and December) by CONTEXT Research Network (CRNet), a team of international scholars that collaborate to promote rigorous research on aspects of culture and society. Our desire is to maintain a truly international spread in our publication of articles in the journal, and also to establish a conversational relationship between cultural works and social analysis, seeing cultural works as analyses too.

The current editor of the journal is Obododimma Oha, a cultural semiotician, stylistician, and poet. He is based at the University of Ibadan where he teaches in the Department of English and holds an adjunct position as a fellow of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the same university.

Submitters are free to submit articles on any aspect of culture and society. However, the journal sometimes publishes special issues on specific themes which are normally announced ahead of time.

Articles published in the journal are peer-reviewed and the reviewers’ comments are normally mailed to submitters on request.



  1. A journal of this nature is clearly a boost , not only to cultural awareness, but also to social rejuvenation

  2. This is yet another voice for the voiceless generation of scholars in search of an outlet. I agree with my friend and brother, Mark Ighile that CONTEXT will put social regeneration and cultural emancipation in proper critical perspective.

    Kudos to our big brother, the Editor, Obododinma Oha, PhD, FCPCS. He has scored another first. May your ink never run dry. Eureka!

    ‘Diran ADEMIJU-BEPO, PhD
    National Film Institute,
    Nigerian Film Corporation
    Jos, Nigeria.

  3. CONTEXT is an exceptional medium for African Socio-Cultural discourse and a onerous intellectual sacrifce and commitment from African/Nigerian based academics. They desreve our unalloyed support and encouragement.

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