Alexander Kure

Literature-in-English and National Development

Isaac Nnam Ohia

The Crises of Youths and Adolescents in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria: Implications for their Education

Ayodeji Isaac Shittu

‘Third-Worlding’ the Colonial Metropolis: Post-colonial Travelogue, Identity, and a Tale of Two Cities in Odia Ofeimun’s London Letter and Other Poems

Sule E. Egya

Nation and Poetics: Reading Uche Nduka’s “Early” Poetry




Volume 13, No. 2, December 2010:


Christopher Agulanna

The  Moral Ramifications of Whistle-blowing: An Applied Ethical Approach

Samuel Ziem Bonye

The Role of Traditional Festivals as Forums for Action Planning, Advocacy, and Social Accountability Discourses

Bimbola Oluwafunlola Idowu-Faith

Hypertextuality and Stylistic Experimentations in Michael Joyce’s afternoon, a story and Megan Heyward’s of day, of night

Vivekanand Jha

A Glimpse of Colonial India: Amitav Ghosh’s Sea of Poppies


Michael Farrell

genre poem

Obododimma Oha





Volume 13, No. 1, March 2010:


Subverting ‘le mythe’: Language, Space, and the Politics of Immigration in Azouz Begag’s Le gone du chaâba and Ousmane Sembene’s Le docker noir

Jen Westmoreland Bouchard

The Chutnification of English: An examination of the lexis of Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children

Sarala Krishnamurthy

Story-telling in the Service of Society:Exploring the Utilitarian Values of Nigerian Folktales

Ayo Kehinde

English Language, Socialisation, and Acculturation: A Biographical Approach

Musa Idris Okpanachi

Attaining the Millennium Development Goals on ACHABA: The Impact on Poverty Reduction in Northern Nigeria, 2001 — 2007

Abdullahi M. Ashafa & Mukhtar U. Bunza

Poems & Creative Interfaces

Library Studies

Francis Raven

Haitian Painting

Tim Mayo

The Lasting Llunch & other poems

— John M. Bennett

Seven Poems

— Ifeyinwa Okolo

Prose Narratives

Deirdre without Sorrows

— Judith E. Johnson

When I Was Born

Biko Agozino

“Did You Miss Me?”

Alexander Kure


European Priestess of African Divinities: A Review of Paola Caboara Luzzatto’s Susanne Wenger: Artist and Priestess

— Sule E. Egya



Volume 12, Number 2, December 2009:


Symbolism in Ogoni Traditional Church Songs

Barine Saana Ngaage

The Practice of Specialized Translation: A Case Study of an Academic Certificate

Elisabeth De Campos

“Abatease;” or Book Review as the Eighth Wonder of Fiction



Once My Heart Was Wide and Loved the World

Bobbi Lurie

Notes on Contributors


Volume 12, Number 1, March 2009:


Physical and Psychological Factors in Bessie Head’s A Question of Power

Adewale Ajayi

Irony in Oswald Mbuyiseni Mtshali’s Sounds of a Cowhide Drum

Barine Saana Ngaage


Seven Poems

Uchenna Franklin Ekwerenmadu

Notes on Contributors


Volume 11, Number 2, December 2008:


Acculturation of English into Yoruba Personal Names: A Socio-Phonetic Analysis

Taiwo Soneye

Using Traditional Tales to Teach English Composition: The Curriculum Recycle Paradigm

F.O. Ezeokoli & A.O. Adeosun

Object movement in negative constructions in standard Yorùbá

—  Oyè Táíwò 

The Influence of Yoruba Religio-cultural Milieu on Prophetic Activities in Selected Indigenous African Churches

Adekunle O. Dada

Notes on Contributors


Volume 11, Number 1, March 2008:


Security perception and its implication: Experience from Nigeria

Sunday Samson Babalola & Obododimma Oha

Consortium Building for the Effectiveness and Sustainability of Academic and Research Library Services in the Information Age: Nigeria in Perspective

Kenneth Ivo Ngozi Nwalo

Jewish Socio-cultural Influence on the Rise of Christianity

Samson Adetunji Fatokun

Metaphor and the Rhetoric of Postcolonial Politics in Ben Okri’s Fiction

Ikenna Kamalu

Notes on Contributors


Volume 10, Number 2, December 2007:


Bilingualism and the Teaching of English and French in Nigeria

Olufunmilayo Ogunkeye

Self-presentation and Coping with Disadvantage in Anglo-Nigerian Self-narratives

Remy Oriaku

Japan’s Technological Experience (1807 — 1965) and Its Educational Lessons for Nigeria

Emmanuel Shima Orsarh

Debates & Interventions

On France, West Africa, and French Studies in Nigeria

Nwando Babalobi


Volumes 1 to 9 previously published in hard copies only. Online version still being prepared.

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